Being healthy is not just the absence of illnesses; it is to feel blissful, in Body, Mind & Spirit

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July 29, 2021

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The Tridosha Siddhanta

The Tridosha Siddhanta

The Tridosha Siddhanta The Tridosha theory is one of the most discussed yet very vaguely understood concepts in ...
The origins of Yoga

The Origins Of Yoga

Though Yoga literally means "yoke", "unify", it is also a developed system of philosophy, as well as a practical ...
Depression Ayurveda

Depression : It’s More Than ‘Just A Bad Day’

  Depression : It’s More Than ‘Just A Bad Day’ William Styron, in his memoir Darkness visible, has vividly ...
Stress in women

Understanding Stress In Women

Stress In Women COVID-19 has spread panic throughout the world. We don’t have any idea, how much will we be impacted ...


Triphala helps nourish the body tissues and is considered as a Tridosha rasayana (rejuvenative) in Ayurveda if consumed daily, as it helps balance all the three doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha . The natural cleansing action helps to maintain a healthy bowel while replenishing the system with the presence of rich antioxidants. The intake of Triphala also helps maintain healthy body weight.

Sutraveda Organic Triphala

Sutraveda products are certified organic, free of toxins & provides best of health

All our products are based on sound Ayurveda principles, for health & wellness

We commit ourselves to source our herbs responsibly. Be sensitive to the nature we live in!

we don’t agree much with the status quo.

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The Universe & the life contained in it, has been described as a turbulent ocean by many a masters. They were trying to understand the nature of the human life & bliss or salvation, Nirvana or Moksha, as some may call it, as the purpose of it.

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