Being healthy is not just the absence of illnesses; it is to feel blissful, in Body, Mind & Spirit

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Ayurveda is a science of healing and wellness, with a holistic approach, connected to nature, originated in the Indian subcontinent, five thousand years ago. Unlike many other sciences Ayurveda recognizes the importance of harmony between body mind & soul in having a healthy living. To Ayurveda, health is not just the absence of illnesses, it is the natural state of bliss felt in body, mind & soul.

"Prakshalanadi Pankasya Doorath Asparshanam Param" ! Ayurveda is the first medical science to postulate, prevention is better than cure. It has dedicated volumes of texts to the preventive aspect of health focussing on wellness.

Charaka Samhitha

An evidence
based science

Ayurveda relies on strong evidence based theories such as the Tridosha Siddhanta to
learn deeply about the health of humans and the effect of the environment on his health.

Vata Pita kapha

The Tridosha

The Tridosha Siddhanta can be applied to everything around us to learn how it affects our health.

How the
herbs work in body

The Tridosha Siddhantha also helps Ayurveda physicians to choose herbs to heal or maintain wellness customized to individuals.

“ Yo Apoorva Vaidyaya Namosthu Thasmai” Prayers to that rare physician, who heals body, mind & soul.


“Vikaro Dhatu Vaishamyam, Samyam Prakruthiruchyate” Vitiation of Doshas result in Illness, their balance is the state of nature ( health)

Charaka Samhita

“Bhadram Bhadrabhilashinam..” May all those be blessed, who wish wellbeing of others

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