Being healthy is not just the absence of illnesses; it is to feel blissful, in Body, Mind & Spirit

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Ayurveda is a science of healing and wellness, with a holistic approach, connected to nature, originated in the Indian subcontinent, five thousand years ago. Unlike many other sciences Ayurveda recognizes the importance of harmony between body mind & soul in having a healthy living. To Ayurveda, health is not just the absence of illnesses, it is the natural state of bliss felt in body, mind & soul.



Consult our certified Vaidyas to have a comprehensive Ayurveda review on your wellness. Know how you can empower yourself to take charge of your health.


Get customized health & dietary suggestions based on authentic Ayurveda principles concerning your internal & external body environments.


Adapt traditional Ayurveda regimens based on the assessment by our Vaidyas to positively improve the quality of your life.

Our Vaidyas

All our Vaidyas are also BAMS graduates from India, trained at authentic Ayurveda to support your journey to health & wellness.

From the roots

Vaidya Karthik Krishnan

Vaidya Karthik Krishnan

Vidya Dr Arathi Vasudev
Ayurveda Consultant

Vaidya Arathi Vasudev


Madison Madden

Pricing Plan

Important : We do not turn away people because of money. If required, connect to us for a sliding scale fee.

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  • Ayurveda Specialist Consult
  • $ 150 90 Mins
    • Detailed Ayurveda Assessment
    • Knowledge empowerment
    • Herb recommendations
    • Lifestyle & Dietary Guidelines
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  • Ayurveda Consult
  • $ 120 60 Mins
      • Comprehensive Assessment
      • Herb recommendations
      • Lifestyle & Dietary Guidelines
      • Suitable for long follow-ups
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  • Follow Up Consult
  • $ 75 60 Mins
      • For short follow up
      • Reviews consults
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“One should be compassionate, do munificent charities, rein the body-mind & gab, and should have selfless devotion to the wellbeing of others. This code of ethics is enough to follow”

Our Wellness Programs

Bringing together Ayurvedic clinicians, a yogic diet, and unique wisdom of the Earth’s orbital cycles – this is an exclusive opportunity to participate in a practice of the internal, external and cosmic alignment.

Frequently Asked Questions on Ayurveda Consultation

Is this consultation available anywhere in the USA ?

As all our consultations are online we are available across the USA. You just need to follow the process of booking an Ayurveda consultation thru our form and we will send you the link for an audio /video consultation.

What is an Ayurvedic Consultation?

Initial consultation with our Vidya includes a detailed account of your health history, existing imbalances, or health concerns, as well as an evaluation of your body constitution. Throughout the consultation, you will be informed about the principles of Ayurveda, as they connect to your specific health and its needs. Vidyas will conduct a traditional, in-depth Ayurvedic evaluation of pulse (Not applicable online), tongue, skin, nails, etc as well as an evaluation of the imbalances in the mind and body. Our Vaidyas will help you design a personalized design that incorporates Ayurvedic dietary guidance and nutritional plans, daily routine, and lifestyle changes also might include personalized breathing techniques, exercises, etc.

Is Ayurveda safe?

When practiced by a qualified and experienced Ayurvedic professional, this healing system is considered very safe. As always, you should check with your primary care doctor if currently undertaking treatment and also let your Ayurvedic consultant know about any medications or health concerns prior to treatment.

How Ayurveda is different when compared to different practices of ancient and modern medical sciences?

It is one of the oldest scientific health systems in the world, with a long record of clinical practice from Ayurvedic philosophers and scriptures. Ayurveda is predominantly also a way of life that teaches us wherewith to maintain healthy human practices and longevity. Ayurveda approaches humans as a “whole” which is a combination of body, mind, and soul. Hence it is a truly holistic and integrative system.

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