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Ayurveda implementation Advanced Ayurveda
Clinical Program

Advanced Ayurveda Clinical Program

Begin Ayurveda
10 weeks

A Program to Deepen Ayurveda Awareness

To apply Ayurveda for achieving wellness, it is essential to have a deep understanding of its clinical aspects. Advanced concepts in Ayurveda usually require special attention & practice to be flawlessly applied. Acharya Vagbhata says a Vaidya should have seen Ayurveda in action and experienced its principles. This program helps you think through the Ayurvedic principles & help apply them to achieve health.

The Design

The Advanced Ayurveda Clinical Concepts Program is designed to give you in-depth knowledge to apply Ayurveda concepts confidently.

Our Teacher

Dr Karthik Krishnan

Karthik Krishnan (Dr.)

Born into a family with a legacy of healing & tantra, Vaidya (Dr) Karthik Krishnan began his Ayurveda education at a young age, with his Guru in the state of Kerala, India. After the traditional training, he joined Santhigiri Ayurveda Medical College, India to earn his Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery degree. Dr.Karthik has worked as an Educator, Clinician, Researcher, Head Of Medical Services and Panchakarma specialist at various Ayurveda institutions & hospitals around the globe . He is a faculty at various International Ayurveda Academies and a practicing Vaidya. He is passionate about spreading Ayurveda wisdom and works as Chief Consultant at Organic Ayurveda, US.

The Classes

Our Advanced Ayurveda clinical program has Two Modules currently. These in-depth modules are custom build after understanding the feed backs of various ayurveda loving professionals. For us ayurveda is always been about what works for you and how we learn together.

Module 1

Essential Clinical Concepts & Their Application

This Advanced ayurveda clinical program module is intended to have an in-depth understanding of key Ayurveda clinical concepts used in understanding pathology & management.

Module 2

The Art of Examination & Analysis

This advanced ayurveda clinical program module is intended to have an in-depth understanding of key Ayurveda clinical concepts used in understanding pathology & management.

Customised Modules

BYOS ! ``Build Your Own Session``

As you join for either of the modules, you get one completely customisable session, free of charge.
This one-hour long session with your faculty may be used for consultation, case discussion, clarifications or to discuss any Ayurveda topic.
Like we said, completely customizable!

What Our Family Says

Ayurveda is very niche to understand & to study. It requires commitment and thought leadership for one to jump into something new and its always nice to see we are one big family as humans

Mamta Landerman

I highly recommend this 10 week Class presented by Organic Ayurveda in Advanced Ayurveda whether you are a new graduate or a Practitioner. Dr. Karthik teaches you how to put all you have learned into a highly effective and organized ayurvedic approach that addresses the complaint, its pathogenesis and resolution no matter how complicated the situation. I have found his approach so practical, effective and of great value.

Mamta Landerman Founding President of The California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine (CAAM) C.A.S. P.K.S.

AACP has exceeded all my expectations ! I have studied Ayurveda for over 3,5 years now. I have completed Ayurvedic Practitioner course at Kerala Ayurveda Academy and began my practice within a mentorship framework in March of 2021. Dr. Karthik was one of our teachers at Kerala Ayurveda whose lectures we always greatly enjoyed. I was thrilled to hear that he was starting a new course for practitioners on Advanced Ayurvedic Concepts. I joined it right away. The spark of my interest was further flared up when I saw the syllabus: topics like dosha avaranam, choosing langhana or brimhana chikitsa strategy, addressing sroto dushti were all on the list of issues I needed more clarity on ever since I started my practice. As we progressed through the course, my knowledge of Ayurveda graciously shared with me by all my previous teachers started taking a more granular shape and form. It felt like I was finally given tools to build a beautiful closet and start populating its shelves with all the precious pearls of Ayurvedic knowledge I have been accumulating over the last several years. As I am approaching the final lecture of the course, I can state with confidence that it has exceeded all my expectations. The course is well-structured with excellent lecture notes, valuable “cheat sheets” and helpful case studies. Most importantly though, Advanced Ayurvedic Concepts has provided me with valuable keys to finish one more part of the great Ayurvedic puzzle, an ancient

Yulia Quinn Ayurvedic Practitioner, AWP
Deborah Garland Testimonial

Thanks Again For This Wonderful Series ! I am learning so much valuable and practical knowledge which is significantly enhancing my clinical practice and benefiting my Rogis.

Deborah Garland Ayurvedic Clinical Specialist, Author: Supreme Breath, and 365 Ways To Breathe

Registration Steps


Learn the clinical application of Ayurveda each week and how it can help you in practicing

Choose Your Dates

10 weekend sessions of Live classes. The recordings of sessions will be made available to rewatch for the duration of the program.

Start your Journey

Learn Ayurveda from master teachers and embark on a practical journey to wellness.

Next Session – Starting July 31st

Hurry ! July Advanced Ayurveda Clinical Program Module 2 – Closing Soon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Is Advanced Ayurveda Clinical Program (AACP) class are online and live

Yes, all classes are live and online. All classes will be Live with 15 mins dedicated for Q&A.

What are the timings of Advanced Ayurveda Clinical Program (AACP) ?

Classes are every week on Saturday from 10.00 am to 11.30 am PST.

What if I miss one session?

Dont worry,  Recordings will be made available throughout the entire duration of the AACP program. But we urge you not to miss, as the live discussions and case study’s are more effective with everyone participating together.

What kind of Ayurveda knowledge I need to join the Advanced Ayurveda Clinical Program (AACP) ?

This is an advanced class and participants are expected to have professional proficiency in basic concepts of Ayurveda at a Counselor / Practitioner level. Advanced Ayurveda Clinical Concepts Program is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or alter any illness state. Learning the above-iterated concepts is essential for a deep understanding of how Ayurveda works on a clinical basis in terms of application.

What is the duration of Advanced Ayurveda Clinical Program (AACP)?

The total duration of the course is 10 classes over 10 weeks with an 1.5 hours sessions. Plus the “BOYOS” Build Your Own Session

Is Advanced Ayurveda Clinical Program (AACP) a certified course ?

Advanced Ayurveda Clinical Program (AACP) is not certified by certification body as of now because AACC is professional understanding improvement courses like, Cooking or Basketball or Leadership or Meditation. We are sure people who try to excel in individual fields understand, how hard it can be to get right information for improvement especially these times. Hence we have started off AACC as a unique tailored program for Ayurveda professionals.

What is the fee of Advanced Ayurveda Clinical Program (AACP) ?

The course fee is $500 for the entire program, payable at one go or in parts. Please write to us on support@organicayurveda.com for our sliding scale fee.

Can I pay weekly / monthly? (What is Sliding Scale Fee ?)

Please write to us on support@organicayurveda.com for our sliding scale fee. Our our sliding scale fee is $100 x 5 times or $50 x 10 week. This would require participants to pay coming week/month in advance at all times. The course fee is $500 for the entire program.

Still have questions ?

Still have questions write to us on support@organicayurveda.com or Fill in below