Being healthy is not just the absence of illnesses; it is to feel blissful, in Body, Mind & Spirit

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Rest & rebuild Reset & rebuild SECURE MY SPOT 30 Day Life Style Transformation

Ayurveda Lifestyle Challenge

30 Days Journey

It's Time to Make a Change

Learn how to develop a conscious & healthy lifestyle where taking daily action doesn't seem so hard anymore. This course is designed to walk you through the basics of fundamental lifestyle care and how to make change in baby steps for long lasting results. Here at Organic Ayurveda, we believe in implementing changes naturally and sustainably. This is NOT a shortcut diet fad.. but we promise you will be EMPOWERED with centering tools you can use for a lifetime. Destress, Harmonize & Realign Your Life

What’s Included

Bringing together Ayurvedic clinicians, a yogic diet, and unique wisdom of the Earth’s orbital cycles – this is an exclusive opportunity to participate in a practice of the internal, external and cosmic alignment.

Meet The Teacher

Heidi Hooper

Miss Heidi Hooper

Deeply inspired by the ancient traditions, Heidi embraces the Ayurvedic principles while seeking ways to resurrect them for modern-day needs. She is committed to bringing Ayurveda to the forefront of alternative wellness practices in the United States. Heidi completed her Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor training in 2016 along with Sanskrit, Assessment & Pulse Diagnosis and Skin & Beauty workshops, and since earned her Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner certification.

Building Healthy Habits

Helping you through the first 30 days of implementing change into your life 1 day at a time.

The Lifestyle Transformation Program consists of 30 days of habit forming rituals to help balance your body, mind and soul. Each day will consist of watching a short time friendly video, Ayurvedic wisdom topics straight to your inbox to read when you want a break from work, a daily check in activity on our #30DayChallenge App and a wonderful community to connect with along your journey.


GOAL: Align Mind & Emotions

Nature of the mind
Mind-body connection
The Observer
Pranayama Breathing Techniques
Digesting Emotions


GOAL: Align Sleep

Ayurvedic clock & the doshas
How to sleep optimally
Signs of poor sleep
Tips for best sleep
Action plan for change


GOAL: Align Nutrition

Inputs that affect the human body
Feeding the healer vs imbalance
Elements and ingredients
Ayurvedic clock/meal times
Agni – The digestive fire
Normal elimination


GOAL: Align Exercise

Finding the best fit exercise movement for you
Mind-body connection
Homeostasis (Input/Output)
Sun / Moon Yoga Salutations

30 Day Lifestyle Challenge App

Daily Check ins
Postitive Habit Forming
At Home Routine
Daily Reminders
Instructional Videos

Destress, Harmonize & Realign Your Life!

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Next Session – July 1st – July 29

Hurry July Lifestyle Group – Closing Soon
Mamta Landerman

I highly recommend this 10 week Class presented by Organic Ayurveda in Advanced Ayurveda whether you are a new graduate or a Practitioner. Dr. Karthik teaches you how to put all you have learned into a highly effective and organized ayurvedic approach that addresses the complaint, its pathogenesis and resolution no matter how complicated the situation. I have found his approach so practical, effective and of great value.

Mamta Landerman Founding President of The California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine (CAAM) C.A.S. P.K.S.

“ Yo Apoorva Vaidyaya Namosthu Thasmai” Prayers to that rare physician, who heals body, mind & soul.


AACP has exceeded all my expectations ! I have studied Ayurveda for over 3,5 years now. I have completed Ayurvedic Practitioner course at Kerala Ayurveda Academy and began my practice within a mentorship framework in March of 2021. Dr. Karthik was one of our teachers at Kerala Ayurveda whose lectures we always greatly enjoyed. I was thrilled to hear that he was starting a new course for practitioners on Advanced Ayurvedic Concepts. I joined it right away. The spark of my interest was further flared up when I saw the syllabus: topics like dosha avaranam, choosing langhana or brimhana chikitsa strategy, addressing sroto dushti were all on the list of issues I needed more clarity on ever since I started my practice. As we progressed through the course, my knowledge of Ayurveda graciously shared with me by all my previous teachers started taking a more granular shape and form. It felt like I was finally given tools to build a beautiful closet and start populating its shelves with all the precious pearls of Ayurvedic knowledge I have been accumulating over the last several years. As I am approaching the final lecture of the course, I can state with confidence that it has exceeded all my expectations. The course is well-structured with excellent lecture notes, valuable “cheat sheets” and helpful case studies. Most importantly though, Advanced Ayurvedic Concepts has provided me with valuable keys to finish one more part of the great Ayurvedic puzzle, an ancient

Yulia Quinn Ayurvedic Practitioner, AWP


What are the benefits of doing yoga?

The practice of Yoga includes a very holistic approach to health. It includes practices which focus on the well being of the body, mind and soul. Initially the benefits are very subtle but over a period of time when it becomes a way of life, the benefits are very obvious.

Are there any side-effects of doing yoga?

When done under proper supervision of a trained yoga teacher, there are no side effects. If at all the effects are only positive.

Can the practice of yoga help in alleviating incurable diseases?

Yoga is not a substitute for medicine. However it does help the body mind complex to cope with stresses. Many patients with incurable diseases have experienced a remarkable transformation after doing The Art of Living courses. You can visit the section on Yoga Experiences.

Is the practice of yoga asanas enough? Or does one need to study different scriptures on yoga - like Patanjali's yoga sutras - to get a complete experience?

The field of yoga is like an ocean. Some people come and sit on the shore, enjoying the cool breeze. Some wet their feet. Some swim and surf. Yet others dive deep and get the pearls. It is up to you to decide how much and what you want to do. With the help of an experienced teacher, you can explore the full potential of your life through yoga.

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