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K.N Gopalan Vaidyar Our Patriarch
K.N Gopalan Vaidyar
Vaidya Kalanidhi

Sri K.N Gopalan Vaidyar


Founder, Sri Dhanvanthari Vilasam Vaidyasala, 1952

Our Founder

Kunnath Kizhakkel Narayanan Gopalan was born on February 12, 1912 in Kerala. Hailing from a traditional Ayurveda family, he studied healing from his father Vaidya Narayanan who was also a prolific Ayurvedic healer & various other Gurus of the time. He began his practice at the young age of 18. Gopalan Vaidyar was awarded titles for his merit namely Vaidya Shastri, Visha Vaidya Visaradan & Vaidya Kalanidhi in the years from 1936-38.


Gopalan Vadiyar’s brilliance in Ayurveda was matched by his compassion for his fellow beings. He founded Sri Dhanvanthari Vilasam AryaVaidyasala Clinic at his home ” Sri Dhanvanthari Madom ” at Kollam, Kerala in 1952. He manufactured various Ayurveda formulations at his residence, Later established a factory to manufacture ayurvedic classical and proprietary medicines & treated those who came seeking healing.


Sri. Gopalan Vaidyar served as secretary to Travancore Ayurveda Mandala & was a nominated member of the Travancore Medical Council & Faculty of Ayurveda at the University of Kerala.


In 1949, he founded & served as an editor to an Ayurveda magazine called “Dhanvanthari”, to popularise Ayurveda & share Ayurveda wisdom with fellow healers.

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Who we are today

The Ayurveda lineage of Sri K N Gopalan Vaidyar is reclaimed through the modern-day iteration, Sri Dhanvanthari Madom, Kerala. For us, he remains the Patriarch & inspiration of this revered line of Ayurveda healing & formulation making.
At Sri Dhanvanthari Madom we strive to follow the benchmarks set by this doyen of Ayurveda.

We believe wisdom – knowledge with a perspective & vision – can help understand that the whole world is a bird’s nest & all of our souls co-exist. And Compassion is our pathway to peace, harmony & healthy living.

“Yatra Vishwam Bhavathyeka Needam”

Unknown, Rig Veda.
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