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Sutraveda™ Kottamchukkadi Thailam


A soothing authentic herbal oil to establish a new definition to the daily massage ritual! An exclusive ancient Ayurvedic recipe for the vibrant Vata and the stable Kapha in your body – Sutraveda Kottamchukkadi Thailam is the finest blend of herbs in sesame oil, prepared based on the original formula.  

  • Especially beneficial for supporting an active lifestyle by calming down the Vata and Kapha doshas.
  • Gentle massage with the oil helps impart warmth and comfort to the sore muscles and joints.
  • A traditional formula to help strengthen the body parts and improve flexibility. 
  • A soothing oil that helps maintain smooth nerve functions
  • Herbal | Vegan | GMP certified | Non-GMO | Sustainably sourced | Gluten-free | Not tested on animals / Cruelty-free | BPA free | Vegetarian | No added colors | No artificial flavors |

Product type: Oil    Quantity: 6.8 Fl. Oz (200ml)

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One Which Smoothen Sore Muscles And Joints!

Kottamchukkadi Thailam

A warming oil that nourishes the tissues and grounds the increased Vata dosha in the body! Sutraveda Kottamchukkadi Thailam is an exceptional oil recipe formulated to strengthen your muscles, bones, joints and support an everyday active lifestyle.


Guna - Light (laghu)
Virya - Ushna (hot)
Dosha karma - Balances Vata and Kapha doshas

The herbs in Sutraveda Kottamchukkadi thailam are mostly warm and exhibit a unique penetrating nature. This makes it ideal as a Vata dosha pacifying oil and often helps balance the associated Kapha dosha as well. The general light nature of the ingredients helps in counteracting the Kapha dosha, contributing to natural joint support.

Ancient Ayurveda Wisdom, Backed By Cutting Edge Science

Why We Are So Good!

Sutraveda Kottamchukkadi Thailam is not just a combination of herbs mixed in sesame oil. The authentic recipe demands the addition of herbs in a paste form (Kalka) and incorporation of a liquid medium apart from oil. At Organic Ayurveda Inc we follow the exact traditional method in the original recipe by adding the herbal paste and supernatant portion of yoghurt to sesame oil. Thus we ensure maximum benefits out of every bottle without compromising on quality and hygiene.

Here’s What We Are Made Of

Ginger rhizome pst. (Zingiber officinale), Drumstick tree leaf pst. (Moringa oleifera), Cedar heartwood pst. (Cedrus deodara), Lesser galangal root pst. (Alpinia officinarum), Curd Lq. , Sesame oil (Sesamum indicum)

No Additives!
No Binders!
Absolutely No fillers!
No harmful Preservatives


Suggested Use

Suggested use

For external use only. Apply generously during the massage or as directed by your healthcare professional.


Keep in a cool & dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.


Do not use this product if you are allergic to any ingredients listed. Apply with care when using around the eyes or open wounds.

We Believe In Right Thing At The Right Time For The Right Person

Traditional Kottamchukkadi Thailam : Your Happiness Matters To Us

Pacifies Vata And Kapha doshas

Supports Normal Smooth Functioning Of Nerves

Promotes Joint Flexibility

Helps Ease Soreness Of Muscles And Joints

Helps Reduce Joint Stiffness

The Herb Which Makes Us Limitless

Our Love For Traditional Kottamchukkadi Thailam & The Story Behind It

Kottamchukkadi Thailam And Sneha Kalpana

All fat based recipes are included under ‘Sneha Kalpana’ in Ayurveda. Among the Sneha Kalpana which contain different formulations of clarified butter, oil, animal fat and bone marrow, the oil preparations are chiefly beneficial for the Vata related afflictions. Ayurvedic literature says sesame oil as the best for any oil preparations and hence Sutraveda Kottamchukkadi Thailam contains pure sesame oil as its base where carefully picked herbs are intermixed to provide superior benefits.

Kottamchukkadi Thailam’s Acclaimed Ingredients

Sutraveda Kottamchukkadi Thailam is an ultimate soothing formula to your aching muscles and sore joints. Cedar heartwood, Rasna, dry ginger and garlic, the key ingredients are acclaimed for its ability to pacify both Vata and Kapha doshas. The herbal paste of these ingredients is cooked to perfection in sesame oil till they change the texture, ensuring the incorporation of all active ingredients into the oil. The general aches and pains of the body are usually caused when there is a hindrance to the smooth movement of Vata dosha in the body. It could be caused due to the blockage of Srotas (Channels) by Kapha dosha or body toxins. Sutraveda Kottamchukkadi Thailam with its warming qualities, helps liquify the accumulated & aggravated doshas and removes any obstruction of channels.

The Lipoidal Bond Between The Herbs

Daily massage with slightly warm Sutraveda Kottamchukkadi Thailam before bath promotes circulation to the body parts, especially the joints. Massage helps in improving the circulation thereby improving localised tissue metabolism*. The lipoidal bond between the herbs and sesame oil facilitates easy penetration of active ingredients through the skin and helps reduce joint stiffness. Herbs like garlic and dry ginger are known to reduce the inflammatory changes* in the body which makes Sutraveda Kottamchukkadi Thailam a good formula to reduce pain and other symptoms.

A Favourite In Kerala Ayurveda Practice

Kottamchukkadi Thailam is a favourite in Kerala Ayurveda practice, not just for Abhyanga. It is beneficial for different Ayurvedic procedures like Kativasti, Greeva vasti, Pinda sweda, Pizhichil, Dhara etc. which are techniques that help relieve specific body conditions. The local application of heat in the form of Greeva and Kati Basti on the affected joints with Kottamchukkadi Tailam has been found to be effective in relieving pain, stiffness and improving joint mobility*.

Why We Do What We Do

Because We Believe In The

Thousands of years ago, when the wisdom of Ayurveda formulations was conceived, the entire herbs in this earth were organic. Ayurveda proposes that the individual is an integral part of mother Nature. Hence the harmful chemicals used in Nature will lead to serious after-effects in the individual. It is mentioned in Ayurveda, that any herb grown in a polluted environment loses its innate Rasa (taste), Guna (qualities), virya (potency) Gandha (smell), etc, thus affecting its pharmaceutical actions. The cultivation of plants whether for consumption or medicinal use should be done sustainably, with minimum interaction from chemicals, to ensure good health and longevity, creating a more positive impact on mental and emotional health. Ayurveda, a holistic wisdom of health, places immense importance on the purity of herbs. We at Organic Ayurveda Inc by Sri Dhanvanthari Madom believe healing herbs need to be as pure as certified organic, sourced sustainably, consumed responsibly.


Inspired by the Ancient
Art Form Theyyam

While we were brainstorming for our label design and tried to understand what inspires us the most, we ended up looking at dance, music & the fine arts! That's when we decided that we will pay tribute to the cultural heritage of the world. We started with the closest one to home. Theyyam.

Theyyam is an 800-year-old spectacular dance form of North Kerala, performed in the temples as a way of showing devotion and celebrating divinity to the Gods. Colorful costumes, thick makeup, and heavy headgear worn by the performers give this ceremonial art form a charismatic charm.

The dance ritual has its roots in the ancient Dravidian culture of South India. It is performed as a blend of dance, music, drama, and mime accompanied by a chorus of different musical instruments.

There are around 400 forms of Theyyam where the performers showcase various glorifying divine forms like Gods, Goddesses, demons, and spirits in a power-packed performance. A visual extravaganza for art lovers and history enthusiasts alike, Theyyam proclaims the rich cultural heritage of India in a mesmerizing unique way of enactment.

We will be showcasing more art forms from different parts of the world on our labels. Keep an eye out for more.

Frequently asked questions FAQ

What is the best time to take Sutraveda organic Bacopa caplets?

The recommended dosage is 1 to 2 caplets twice daily (morning and night) after food, for the adults. For school-going children, it may be given at a dose of one caplet in the morning. Since Sutraveda organic Bacopa caplets support restful sleep, it is advisable to take them before bedtime as well. If you have any allied health conditions or have trouble determining the exact dose, contact your healthcare professional before consuming the product.

Do Sutraveda organic Bacopa caplets help in high stress, anxiety, and depression?

Bacopa helps promote calmness and a sense of restfulness in the mind. It also supports the natural quality of sleep. Sutraveda organic Bacopa caplets contain only pure extracts and powder of the herb, sourced from authentic farmers who cultivate them organically. Stress, anxiety, and depression are conditions that require clinical diagnosis by expert healthcare professionals. Contact your healthcare provider to decide the exact dose and duration of the product if you have any of the above conditions. 

How is taking Sutraveda organic Bacopa caplets a better option compared to Bacopa powder form?

Bacopa is a herb with astringent and bitter tastes. At Organic Ayurveda Inc., we give preference to the palatability of the product as well. Bacopa in this new caplet-form is more palatable compared to other forms and contains different extracts of the whole plant rather than just powder. While the powder form has to be taken with milk or ghee during consumption, Sutraveda organic Bacopa caplets may be consumed in plain water and are easy to carry as well. 


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