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Sutraveda™ Organic Guduchi


A precious herb admired by the ancient sages for the myriad of benefits it holds! Sutraveda brings you a never-before combination of pure organic extracts and powder of Guduchi to support healthy metabolism & immunity.

  • As true as nature, Guduchi in its purest form backed by most modern research findings in a novel caplet form.
  • A herb that balances all three doshas, exceptionally beneficial for calming down the Pitta in the body.
  • Helps promote vitality and immunity by complementing normal metabolism and digestive health.
  • An USDA-certified organic combination with absolutely no binders, fillers, and other additives.
  • 100% Organic | 100% Herbal | Vegan | GMP certified | Non-GMO | Sustainably sourced | Gluten-free | Not tested on animals / Cruelty-free | BPA free | Vegetarian tablet | No added colors | No artificial flavors | No preservatives 
  • Product type: Caplet;   Quantity: 90 nos.

Organic Guduchi In A Combination That Matters: 

Each 700 mg of Sutraveda Organic Guduchi caplet contains Organic Guduchi  Powder (Giloy/ Heart-leaved moonseed) 450 mg, Organic Guduchi Extract 200 mg, and Organic Guduchi Liquid Extract 50 mg

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The All rounder In Ayurveda

Organic Guduchi

Guduchi in Sanskrit refers to “that which protects the body from illnesses”*. Organic Guduchi one of the highly regarded herbs in Ayurveda, it is also known by the synonym Amrita, meaning the “Elixir”. According to the ancient Ayurvedic tales, Guduchi was used to save the celestial beings from diseases and helped preserve their natural health. Inspired by the ancient wisdom, we at Organic Ayurveda committed ourselves to extensive research on this herb and came forth with a unique concept - Sutraveda Organic Guduchi caplets.


Rasa – Tikta (bitter), Kashaya (astringent)
Guna – Laghu (light), Snigdha (unctuous)
Virya – Ushna (hot)
Vipaka – Madhura (sweet)
Dosha Karma - Balances Tridoshas, Especially Pitta

The astringent and bitter tastes make Guduchi a good Kapha-Pitta pacifier and the post digestive sweet taste explains its Vata-pitta balancing, nourishing and Rasayana effects. According to the ancient Ayurvedic text Bhavaprakasha, the light property combined with the hot potency of Guduchi facilitates easy absorption and penetration of the herb into the dhatus (body tissues).


Why Sutraveda Organic Guduchi is so good!

Ayurveda Wisdom

All Sutraveda products are essentially based on ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, combined with most modern research findings. As per Ayurveda, the same herb can act differently when consumed in different forms like Churna (powder), Kalka (paste), Swarasa (concentrated juice), etc. The research findings also establish that the composition of active constituents vary in different parts of the herb. Contrary to the popular belief that only the stem is the useful part, we acknowledge the pharmacological value of the entire herb and thus decided to impart the whole plant extract as well in the caplet. An exception to the usual addition of binders and fillers, Sutraveda organic Guduchi caplets do not include any of those and are replaced by the actual herb composition.

Here’s What We Are Made Of:

Each 700 mg of Sutraveda Organic Guduchi Caplet/Tablet contains Organically grown Guduchi stem powder (Tinospora cordifolia / Giloy/ Heart-leaved moonseed) 450 mg, Organic stem extract 200 mg and Organic stem liquid extract 50 mg

No Additives
No Binders
Absolutely No fillers!
No harmful Preservatives

Suggested use Of Sutraveda

Suggested Use

1 to 2 caplets twice daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

If you have a medical condition or take medications, please consult with your health care practitioner before using the product.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Not for use during pregnancy or during lactation. 

The Ayurvedic Ottamooli (A Powerful Single Herb)

Regulates body metabolism

Helps maintain gut health

Promotes Vitality

Aids removal of harmful toxins

Promotes Vitality

Bolsters Immune System Health

Promotes Healthy Body Metabolism

Supports Healthy Blood Glucose Levels

Helps Maintain Normal Body Temperature

Supports Healthy Inflammatory Response

One Of The Most Valued Herb In Any Ayurvedic Apothecary

Our Love For Organic Guduchi & The Facts Behind It

Sutraveda™ Organic Guduchi

Guduchi, The Rasayana

Guduchi is one among the four Medhya Rasayanas described in Ayurveda. Rasayanas prevent the recurrence of diseases and support the rejuvenation of living cells. A good immunomodulator,* Guduchi also helps prevent recurrent illnesses and supports the normal digestive activity. The antioxidant-rich active constituents in Guduchi help maintain vitality and are ideal for people of all age groups. (Nair PK, Etal;Int Immunopharmacol. 2006 Dec 5; 6(12):1815-24.)

One Herb, Different Roles

Berberine and other alkaloids present in Guduchi help maintain healthy blood glucose levels and provide inflammatory support in the body. This also makes it beneficial in supporting joint strength and facilitates comfortable movements. The Pitta balancing effect helps maintain normal body temperature, skin health and aids the natural digestion of accumulated toxins. It also supports liver health and assists normal metabolism, which is essential for optimum wellbeing.

Guduchi - An Ayurvedic Wisdom, Proven By Science

At Organic Ayurveda, we believe in evidence-based herbal supplements that provide the exact benefits as described in the Ayurvedic treatises. To further understand the substantial effects of Guduchi in the body, our expert team studied the various actions of the herb in conjunction with the research studies. To our surprise, the herb contains several active constituents that are responsible for the various benefits it holds.

Guduchi A Pitta Pacifier & Immunomodulator

Ayurveda has well documented the role of Guduchi as an immune modulator in various conditions affecting the body. Research also established that the novel (1,4)-alpha-D-glucan derived from the plant, activates the immune system through the activation of macrophages and cytokine production*. The inflammatory responses are generally correlated to the Pitta derangement in the body according to Ayurveda. Guduchi is known for its Pitta pacifying effect and the studies also proved that the aqueous extract of the herb exhibits significant anti-inflammatory properties*. (Patgiri, B., Et. al; Anti-inflammatory activity of Guduchi Ghana (An International Quarterly Journal of Research in Ayurveda), 2014; 35(1): 108.)

Helps To Maintain Healthy Blood Glucose Levels*

The mention of Guduchi in the Ayurvedic literature for maintaining healthy blood glucose levels is also backed by sufficient research evidence*. The antioxidant activity exhibited by Guduchi extracts also establishes its importance as a potent herbal supplement*. (N. Ilaiyaraja, Farhath Khanum et. al. Feb 201, Antioxidant Potential of Tinospora cordifolia Extracts and their Protective Effect on Oxidation of Biomolecules)(Wadkar KA, et. al . Anti‑diabetic potential and Indian medicinal plants Herbal Med Toxicol, 2008; 2: 45-50.)

Organic Guduchi the Helper
Why We Do What we Do

Because The Earth
Was Organic!

Thousands of years ago, when the wisdom of Ayurveda formulations was conceived, the entire herbs in this earth were organic. Ayurveda proposes that the individual is an integral part of mother Nature. Hence the harmful chemicals used in Nature will lead to serious after-effects in the individual. It is mentioned in Ayurveda, that any herb grown in a polluted environment loses its innate Rasa (taste), Guna (qualities), virya (potency) Gandha (smell), etc, thus affecting its pharmaceutical actions. The cultivation of plants whether for consumption or medicinal use should be done sustainably, with minimum interaction from chemicals, to ensure good health and longevity, creating a more positive impact on mental and emotional health. Ayurveda, a holistic wisdom of health, places immense importance on the purity of herbs. We at Organic Ayurveda Inc by Sri Dhanvanthari Madom believe healing herbs need to be as pure as certified organic, sourced sustainably, consumed responsibly.


Inspired by the Ancient
Art Form Kathakali

While we were brainstorming for our label design and tried to understand what inspires us the most, we ended up looking at dance, music & the fine arts! That's when we decided that we will pay tribute to the cultural heritage of the world. We started with the closest one to home. Kathakali.

Kathakali is one of the most fascinating traditional art forms in India’s rich cultural heritage. The intensely complex heavy theatrical makeup of the performing artists, the surreal picturesque costumes, unbelievably graceful gestures combined with an equally glorious and harmonically tuned background music is indeed a visual treat.

Most often, the ancient mythological stories constitute the main theme of Kathakali which represents the aesthetic cultural heritage of India. The strikingly graceful dramatic art took form and became more popular after the 17th century and has evolved beautifully ever since. The performance may last as long as 16 hours and takes the audience through a realistic yet very mystical experience.

Our love for art is a journey that we just started out. So we will be showcasing more art forms from different parts of the world on our labels. Keep an eye out for more, if you have more ideas please feel free to ping us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Guduchi?

Guduchi is an Ayurveda herb commonly known as Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia). It is a climbing shrub with heart-shaped leaves and has many health benefits. There are several Ayurveda formulations with Guduchi as one of the main ingredients. Sutraveda is always keen on the palatability and efficacy of its products and thus introduces the pure organic version of the Guduchi plant – Organic Guduchi Caplets. Each caplet contains 700 mg of organically grown Guduchi stem powder, stem extract, and stem liquid extract

How does Guduchi help balance Pitta dosha even though it is hot in potency?

Guduchi is a well-known Pitta reducing herb along with balancing Vata and Kapha doshas in the body. It helps maintain normal body temperature, digestive health, and metabolism which are Pitta predominant body functions. It is not always the potency of the herb that determines its therapeutic benefits. In Guduchi, while the hot potency helps balance Vata and Kapha, its bitter taste helps reduce the excess Pitta effects in the body. If you have concerns regarding your health conditions, please contact your healthcare practitioner for further clarifications.

Can Sutraveda Organic Guduchi Caplets be consumed by Diabetic individuals?

Sutraveda Organic Guduchi caplets contain only organically sourced stem powder and extracts of Guduchi as its ingredient. No artificial sweeteners are added to it and hence may be consumed by all. Besides, Guduchi helps maintain normal blood glucose levels in healthy individuals. If you are under other medications for any health condition, please contact your registered healthcare practitioner before using the product. 


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