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Sutraveda™ Organic Neem


A highly revered herb in Ayurveda with a strong history of usage for thousands of years! Sutraveda Organic Neem Caplets contain the purest Organic forms of Neem leaves, to support skin health.

  • The purifying nature of Neem leaves also favors healthy digestion and complements liver health.
  • The bitter and astringent tastes coexist in Neem leaves making it a good herb of choice to maintain healthy blood glucose levels.
  • The inherent cooling properties and predominant taste combination of Neem make it an ideal Kapha-Pitta balancing herb.
  • Sutraveda Organic Neem Caplets contain only pure leaf extracts and powder of Neem leaves sourced organically, with no fillers, binders, and absolutely no additives!
  • 100% Organic | 100% Herbal | Vegan | GMP certified | Non-GMO | Sustainable sourcing | Gluten-free | Not tested on animals / Cruelty-free | BPA free | Vegetarian caplet | No added colors | No artificial flavors | No preservatives
  • Product type: Caplet/Tablet;   Quantity: 90 nos.

Organic Neem In A Combination That Matters: 

Each 410 mg of Sutraveda Organic Neem tablet contains Organic Neem Extract 200mg + Organic Neem Powder 200mg + Organic Neem Extract Paste 10mg


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The Bestower Of Good Health

Organic Neem

One of the most bitter herbs ever known to humans, the legendary sacred tree Neem (Azadirachta indica) acquired its name from the Sanskrit term Nimba, meaning ‘bestower of good health’. The use of Neem leaves both internally and externally for supporting optimum health dates back to thousands of years and the glorified herb undeniably holds a significant position in the ancient Ayurvedic treatises.


Rasa – Tikta (bitter), Kashaya (astringent)
Guna – laghu (light), ruksha (dry)
Virya – sheeta (cold)
Vipaka – Katu (pungent)
Dosha karma – Kapha-Pitta balancing

The bitter & astringent tastes, dry nature, and pungent post-digestive effect are responsible for the Kapha balancing effect of Neem. The inherent cooling properties when combined with the peculiar taste combination also make it beneficial in balancing the Pitta dosha, thereby supporting natural skin health.

Ancient Ayurveda Wisdom, Backed By Cutting Edge Science

Why We Are So Good!

All Sutraveda products are essentially based on ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, combined with most modern research findings. As per Ayurveda, the same herb can act differently when consumed in different forms like Churna (powder), Kalka (paste), Swarasa (concentrated juice), etc. At Organic Ayurveda Inc, we are committed to providing you with the maximum benefits of the herb and its various possibilities when consumed in all these forms. Our core idea of sustaining the balance of nature was also met with when we decided to use only the most beneficial part of the Neem tree described in Ayurvedic treatises, that is the leaves. The caplets contain only pure leaf extracts and powders, collected from trusted organic sources. An exception to the usual addition of binders and fillers, Sutraveda organic Neem caplets do not include any of those and are replaced by the actual herb composition.
for many to consume it as such.

Here’s What We Are Made Of

Each 410 mg of Sutraveda Organic Neem caplet contains Organic Neem extract (Ls.)200 mg, Organic Neem powder (Ls.) 200 mg, and Organic Neem extract paste (Ls.)10 mg

No Additives!
No Binders!
Absolutely No fillers!
No harmful Preservatives

Suggested use Of Sutraveda

Suggest Use

1 to 2 caplets twice daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

If you have a medical condition or take medications, please consult with your health care practitioner before using the product.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Not for use during pregnancy or during lactation. 

We Believe In Right Thing At The Right Time At The Right Person

Organic Neem Caplets: Your Happiness Matters To Us

Helps maintain skin health and complexion

Aids relief from itching and rashes

Supports cleansing of liver

Helps boost digestive activity

Aids purification and detoxification of blood

The Herb Who Is Called Bestower In Ayurveda

Our Love For Organic Neem & The Story Behind It

Neem, the skin’s best friend

Ayurveda scriptures describe that almost all parts of the tree hold therapeutic benefits but the leaves have exceptional healing powers. The leaves are traditionally used both externally and internally to maintain skin health. The external use in the form of paste or infused in water to wash or soak the body parts helps reduce rashes, itching, blemishes etc and promotes complexion. Yet, many times to receive the full range of benefits, neem has to be consumed internally as well. But the extreme bitter taste can make it difficult
for many to consume it as such.

At Sri Dhanvanthari Madom, we give importance to every single aspect ranging from quality to palatability of the product. That is why we introduce the complete benefits of neem in a compact tablet form - Sutraveda organic Neem tablets. The tablet comprises pure extracts and powders of organically cultivated neem leaves with no added chemical preservatives. They are convenient to carry, easy to consume and provide adequate quantities of neem benefits.

Neem The Best Care taker

Sutraveda organic Neem tablets support skin health and complexion. Most often, skin health is compromised when there is Pitta imbalance in the body. Sutraveda organic Neem tablets with its bitter and cooling properties calms down Pitta dosha and aids faster relief from common skin problems such as rashes, blemishes, itching etc. caused due to varied reasons.

According to Ayurveda, blood plays an important role in maintaining skin health, especially the complexion. When toxins get accumulated in the blood, it can result in various skin conditions. Sutraveda organic Neem tablets help purify the blood by removing the accumulated toxins. It also helps in cleansing the liver where major metabolism takes place and the blood gets rid of its impurities. The lightening, purifying and drying qualities of neem in Sutraveda organic Neem tablets act beneficial for the liver, blood, digestive system etc. Thus, it supports healthy systemic functions for maintaining skin health.

Neem, the bestower of good health

Neem carries several other benefits apart from supporting skin health. Traditionally, neem leaves are used to ward off evil spirits in several communities in India and Srilanka. A bunch of neem leaves hanging in the front yard used to be a very common sight in many households in these regions till recent years. They hold a belief that such houses are immune from communicable diseases and evil spirits which were prevalent during those days. Incidentally researches have proved that fumigating neem leaves in houses and premises help eradicate microorganisms responsible for various contagious diseases.

It is not just externally that the benefits of neem in promoting good health are confined to. When taken internally also, it helps promote the body's natural defense mechanism. Since Sutraveda organic Neem tablets are enriched with the pure extracts and powder of the
same, it supports the body's immune mechanism. Its detoxification property helps in keeping the body clean and maintains proper immune health. Neem is also proclaimed for its ability in maintaining healthy blood glucose levels.

Why We Do What We Do

Because The Earth
Was Organic!

Thousands of years ago, when the wisdom of Ayurveda formulations was conceived, the entire herbs in this earth were organic. Ayurveda proposes that the individual is an integral part of mother Nature. Hence the harmful chemicals used in Nature will lead to serious after-effects in the individual. It is mentioned in Ayurveda, that any herb grown in a polluted environment loses its innate Rasa (taste), Guna (qualities), virya (potency) Gandha (smell), etc, thus affecting its pharmaceutical actions. The cultivation of plants whether for consumption or medicinal use should be done sustainably, with minimum interaction from chemicals, to ensure good health and longevity, creating a more positive impact on mental and emotional health. Ayurveda, a holistic wisdom of health, places immense importance on the purity of herbs. We at Organic Ayurveda Inc by Sri Dhanvanthari Madom believe healing herbs need to be as pure as certified organic, sourced sustainably, consumed responsibly.

Label Design

Inspired by the Ancient
Art Form Kathakali

While we were brainstorming for our label design and tried to understand what inspires us the most, we ended up looking at dance, music & the fine arts! That's when we decided that we will pay tribute to the cultural heritage of the world. We started with the closest one to home. Kathakali.

Kathakali is one of the most fascinating traditional art forms in India’s rich cultural heritage. The intensely complex heavy theatrical makeup of the performing artists, the surreal picturesque costumes, unbelievably graceful gestures combined with an equally glorious and harmonically tuned background music is indeed a visual treat.

Most often, the ancient mythological stories constitute the main theme of Kathakali which represents the aesthetic cultural heritage of India. The strikingly graceful dramatic art took form and became more popular after the 17th century and has evolved beautifully ever since. The performance may last as long as 16 hours and takes the audience through a realistic yet very mystical experience.

We will be showcasing more art forms from different parts of the world on our labels. Keep an eye out for more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do Sutraveda Organic Neem caplets help reduce skin eruptions like acne?

Skin eruptions are usually caused due to a Pitta imbalance and impurities in the blood. Neem leaves are known to balance the aggravated Pitta dosha with its cooling properties. With these properties, it helps regulate the adverse changes in skin health. If you have more concerns regarding skin health, it is advisable to consult your healthcare practitioner before consuming the product.

Does Sutraveda organic neem caplet have any side effects?

Each Sutraveda organic neem caplet is manufactured in strict hygienic conditions. Only carefully selected good-quality neem leaves cultivated organically and procured from reliable sources are used for the manufacture of our organic Neem caplets. The caplet passes several quality checks before reaching its consumers. No artificial chemical preservatives or additives are added during its manufacture. Thus the chances for side effects are almost nil. If you have any further concerns, please contact your healthcare provider before consuming the product.

Can Sutraveda organic caplets be consumed on an empty stomach?

Sutraveda organic caplets are recommended to be consumed once or twice daily after food.


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