Being healthy is not just the absence of illnesses; it is to feel blissful, in Body, Mind & Spirit

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Yoga is a philosophy, a discipline, and a scientific way to experience harmony within us and around us. When we align ourselves with the environment outside and inside, we experience peace, confidence, and happiness. Yoga shows the way of using profoundly simple breathing and body awareness techniques to achieve that state daily. That’s how to take charge of our health, happiness; and live productively and age gracefully.

All Yoga proceeds in its method by three principles of practice; first, purification, that is to say, the removal of all aberrations, disorders, obstructions brought about by the mixed and irregular action of the energy of being in our physical, moral and mental system; secondly, concentration, that is to say, the bringing to its full intensity and the mastered and self-directed employment of that energy of being in us for a definite end; thirdly, liberation, that is to say, the release of our being from the narrow and painful knots of the individualised energy in a false and limited play, which at present are the law of our nature.

The Synthesis of Yoga Sri Aurobindo

Art of Self Knowledge

Unify lower and higher Self

In the deepest sense, our ‘Self’ is existence, consciousness and happiness. All Yogas are to accomplish the unity of the observing Self and the observable world. Make a commitment to happiness today, no matter what the world says. Discover your own truth without going to a cave in himalayas, following the systematic path of Yoga and applying the wisdom of the Upanishads.

Art of Self Healing

Unify Physical Process

Whether you are a chronic patient or an exceptionally fit person, the practice of Hatha Yoga transforms the way you look at your own body. To a Hathayoga practitioner, the body is not a mere mass of living matter, but a mystic bridge between the spiritual and the physical being, a powerful tool to be used for total fulfillment here and now. Mastering our muscular, endocrine and nervous system can produce a miracle without doubt according to the ancient texts, test it out for yourself…

Art of Self Integration

Unify Body Mind Duality

Yoga is not a form of self torture! In fact, Asana and Pranayama gently guide us to find poise in movement, gait, and also get rid of the restlessness of the body and train it to hold much more vital energy instead of dissipating it in unnecessary, unconscious movements. Tai chi and some martial arts aim to accomplish the same goal. Yoga strengthens our will and integrates thought, word and action and supports us to be honest to ourselves and live a life true to ourselves, which is the key to peace and happiness.

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Prana the life force
and its dynamics

Prana the life force and its dynamics
Origins of Yoga

Origins of Yoga

Ayurveda Study

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Blog

Yoga evolved a philosophical understanding and a psychological reasoning behind human suffering and happiness as well as a set of practices to verify the truths its arrives theoretically.